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Choose a signal package that suits your trading needs. TradingGPT's analysis technology is real-time and responds to every time frame you observe.

With only 50 USDT, you can directly view trading signals of TradingGPT. We want to share these signals with global traders. This is the signal given by our T-Signal technology. Buying and selling trends will be displayed in detail for traders to easily use and make profits. Markets analyzed: forex, crypto, stock

  • Monthly: $50
  • Yearly: $360 (Save up to 40%)

We have a master signal package full of the most modern analysis technology that we are providing to large trading funds and leading trading experts in the crypto, forex, and stock markets.

  • Monthly: $3,000
  • Yearly: $30,000 (Save up to 20%)

TGPT Token

TGPT is a token used as a means of connecting users to products in the TGPT Ltd ecosystem more easily and quickly. TGPT Token holders will receive many incentives from our ecosystem.

Token Name: Trading GPT

Token Symbol: TGPT

Total Supply: 21,000,000 TGPT

Initial price: 0.5 USDT

Contract: 0x819...46c0

  • 75% Liquidity Mining
  • 10% TGPT LTD 3 years
  • 8% Staking Reward 1 year
  • 5% DEX/CEX
  • 2% Airdrop Reward

Liquidity mining

Join Liquidity Mining to get up to 300% profit.
You use USDT to participate in liquidity and exploit TGPT every day at the market price.

A fair mining program

Miners will use USDT to activate liquidity and receive a mining profit of 1% per day on the activated USDT amount.

  • Miner maximum income is 200%
  • Miner broker maximum income is 300%
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Quantitative trading fund

Our trading fund is active since 2021 and uses T-Signal's proprietary signal analysis technology to trade on the cryptocurrency, forex and stock markets.


DATA Technology


Road map


Launching T-Signal signal analysis technology

Launch of quantitative trading fund

Sep 2023

Quantitative Margin Program

Nov 2023

Launch of TGPT Token
DEX listing
Burn LP

Dec 2023

Liquidity Mining
T-Pay Card

Feb 2024

Launching Lending & Borrow product

April 2024

Launch of T-Wallet

Jun 2024

CEX listing

Aug 2024

Tshare SocialFi
Enhance community application promotion

Dec 2024

Expand product cooperation